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Oct 2016
Oh, right
Had another wacky dream did you?
Felt it difficult to articulate
But told your friends about it anyway did you?
One of them had a weird dream too
But you know yours was weirder
Because no one's as weird as you right?
Because you're pretty ****** up right?

Stop it
Dreams are just the leftovers
Of what you should have let out in the day
That's why they don't make any sense
They are the dying screams of a seed
That never saw the light

Don't be like them
Fetishising those fragments of madness
That live in absolutely everyone
Because every night your pillow is yawning
And all your bed can feel is deadweight

Come out of your cloud
And bring it down here with you.
Share it with us in a way that we can remember it
Without trying to.

Unless you really believe
That inside that quirky head of yours
There is something so special
That it makes you the envy of everyone you tell about it
That people who know what you have
Would chain themselves to their mattresses
And sleep themselves away for a glimpse
Of what only you can see
In which case,
Keep dreaming.

Well, look at that
I thought I had something interesting to say
On the topic of dreams.
But I didn't.
No one has
And no one ever will.
Nassif Younes
Written by
Nassif Younes  Scotland
     --- and ---
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