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Oct 2016
It was affection at first sight but I was blind
A little Persian cat with too much on my mind
You give me chills in the sunshine
You hold me tight until everything turns out fine

Your UFO voice abducts all scorn I hold dear
It ices down my raging jealousy and familiar fears
I’m enchanted by your majesty, full-blown smitten
under the mercy of a fuzz-fanged kitten

You and I, kid, we’re one and the same
wondering out loud “who’s to blame?”
I bet if I put my ear to your lips I’d hear the ocean
Keep it coming, you’ve set my heart in perpetual motion

Your rock bottom still soars above everyone else’s clouds
The hushed utterance of your name summons crowds
After breakdowns and a mental mother,
I’ve certainly found myself a permanent lover

Much beyond any gemstone could hope to muster,
your smiles gleam with infinite luster
You’re moonlight dripping at a cemetery
Fearsome waves propelling my life’s ferry

I’ll be your constant, your Northern Star
A comforting presence to be found regardless of where you are
You’re my #1 gal, the only one I need
The lone rebel who’d make my soul kneel and plead

Phantom felines and dancing shadows everywhere
but at the end of the day, I really don’t care
Inside every atom of hate, my baby implanted kisses
I’m **** well going to make her my Mrs.

She’s beauty and rage, nothing in-between
She’s thunder and lightning, just not as mean
She’s carefully hidden, yet demands to be seen
She’s my best friend, ride or die
eternal lover on the sly

**A lucky thirteen
Dedicated to my girlfriend, Azka
Written by
Kush  20/M/United States
(20/M/United States)   
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