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Oct 2016
Glossy covers full of bright, alluring colors.
These are scriptures. These are the words of God
Spoken through scalpels, silicone and incisions,
Dictated to the flock in a virtual church from a box.
Frail bones barely hidden by flesh ****** of flesh,
Shivering beads of sweat and burning pangs of hunger
That turn into nausea. Cravings are a temptation
That will lead you from your path and into a downfall.
Westernised beauty is the Jacob's Ladder
That you must climb and reach at any cost.
Even if you have to go against Mother Nature
And change your own existence; anything to reach the top.
Hallucinations of Heaven override reality;
Dropping to the floor several times a day and cracking.
Strength is a quality you do not naturally possess,
But when you become perfect, you finally can be.
Otherwise you're nothing but an empty and dusty shell.
This is a world of glamour. How can you compete
Without rearranging your entirety
To become everyone you see that has been appointed by God?
Recitation is the key. Repetition and perseverance
Will go a long way. The framework of OCD is a great litany.
It's scrawled on your thighs and your wrists,
How else can you exist? Suffering for sin is repentance.
Rituals have always been a part of religion,
And this is no different. This is teaching obedience.
Lie with another, consummate a marriage of deceit;
Attention for affection. Money for perfection.
Womanhood is not what is seen by misled fanatics,
Instead, natural beauty and the comfort of possessing this.
This is quite an old poem of mine I came across. The mentality I had at the time of writing it was quite naive, it was basically "Women don't need to wear make-up, they should be confident how they are, evil society!" When the truth is, people can do, express themselves, look, however they want, however makes them happy. But the media and society still spout potentially harmful (physically and mentally) ideals.
Written by
Corvus  27/Trans Male/Liverpool
(27/Trans Male/Liverpool)   
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