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Oct 2016
The words are uttered, lightly, the thought remains the same
They address all the problems, a redirect of shame

The words are used defensively, they can be from me, or you
They won't deliver answers, only useless things to do

The words express frustration, they do not bend, or break
They will not be revoked, there is no worthy stake

The words are spoken often, at work, and where we pray
"We really cannot change it, it's always been this way"

There is never any recourse, no one, an authored claim
The faithful follow stricture, and will not bear the blame

If the world were oh so simple, if the world was fair, or sane
Then all the uttered truths, would, no character defame

But we dwell within reality, where cursed are those who speak
Of work that needs be done, of plugging the constant leak

Futility is naught, the seeking of wrongs to fight
It's the finding, in the end, it will not to be, made right
Ya can throw logic, cost savings, and the kitchen sink at a problem.
All it takes in one idiot still ingrained in the process to say nay.
Temporal Fugue
Written by
Temporal Fugue  57/M/Georgetown Tx
(57/M/Georgetown Tx)   
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