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Oct 2016
One night a long wound
opened up in the moon

I followed the drop of blood,
running far like a shooting star

it appeared as if it would lite
on the side of the hill

but flew through the barn
and went out of vision for a while

I grabbed a silver chalice
and went looking for miles

where I found it in the next valley
hung in the branches of a tree

I caught it up in my cup
and took a big gulp

it tasted just as I thought it would,
pure and sweet as the holy ghost

I poured some on the ground
to see if it smoked

with the rest I washed the sleep
from my eyes and the dirt from my face

as for the moon, not a trace
of pain did I see

while a blue rain fell
and I sank to my knees.
Written by
Woody  In the dark woods.
(In the dark woods.)   
       Corset, Maggie Emmett, ---, L B, --- and 24 others
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