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Oct 2016
I'm not exactly sure which is better: losing sleep over tiresome thoughts or sleeping your life away days at a time for the same reason. I believe deep down we all want good to win; we want to be better, to grow, to eat three times a day, and be light. But even deeper we find the want for not really knowing anything, only acting based off our emotions. We want to cave in, to be human and live in a mystery. Knowledge is power, but knowledge can hurt. I want the rose and its thorns, and i want its consequences. My mind moves faster than my heart could ever keep up with and I don't think I'll ever be able to settle in, sit still, and know and a c c e p t that this is my life. But until then those voices will keep running me ragged and all i can do is scream.
Written by
       Jamadhi Verse, naΗ§Γ­, Glass, ---, Rose and 3 others
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