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Oct 2016
Is any more caressing
than the blissful feel
of an August wind

Howling with its might
sending cold shivers
to trees, plants, and beings

Is any more soothing
than the gentle touch
of an August rain

Fuzzy little drops
erasing the thoughts
of yesterdays pain

Is any more saddening
than the worry-ful thoughts
of August last days

The trees reclining
As the breeze declines

and such brings forth
an earnest yearning
to see August once again.
Where i'm from, there are 2 weather seasons in a year, the rainy and dry seasons.

When i was younger, there's a period i looked forward to each year during the rainy seasons(April - September) called "AUGUST BREAK", it's a rainy seasonal break during the month of August, where the rain drops becomes lighter, the wind is stronger, the atmosphere more jovial, lots of kids playing around cause this period interferes with the holidays, and you feel nothing but glad to be alive.
Written by
Ifeanyi  M/Awka, Nigeria.
(M/Awka, Nigeria.)   
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