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Oct 2016
The murderous Kankers went off in a Sieve
   To cross the ****** Sea;  
And all of their friends cried, "Happy dead ends!"
   Maliciously nice as could be,
   Their mouths full of moldy Brie.  

The night was bright with yellow light;
   A lightning storm arose.
The Kankers flew a metal kite
   That looked like a boogery nose.
The ****** Sea delighted to bite
   A rain of torrible crows.

The Sieve was downed; the Kankers were drowned.
   Their bodies washed ashore
   Where they set sail for,
   The hills of the Chankly Bore.
Their smiling faces looked up from the ground
   And sang this runcible round:—

"A bat and a rat and a cat
Convened for a quatical chat:
   They plotted a killing—
   A ****** most chilling—
Of bumps in the night that go SPLAT!"

Knit Personality
Written by
Knit Personality
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