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Oct 2016
Hi, I'm Worthless.
Well, that's what you tell me,
Worthless, ugly,not good enough.
Tell me, what is your definition of worthy, pretty, good enough.
You might be a person, but you have no right to make others feel like ****.

Hi, I'm Worthless.
Why do you call me worthless?
Because people like you have gotten into my mind and others minds?
Because people like you have damaged others so severely?
Because others starve themselves just to try to be skinny and pretty just like you want them to?
Because others harm themselves as a result of people like you?

Hi, I'm Worthless.
But here's the thing:
I'm not worthless.
No one in this entire world is worthless, ugly, or not good enough.
You just can't see that because you are so busy bringing others down.
No one needs to fit in your definition of worthy, pretty, or good enough.

Hi, I'm Worthless.
Wait, no I'm not, and neither is anyone else.
You can call us names and hurt us, but what you say is wrong.
Everyone is worthy, pretty, and good enough in their own way.
Everyone's world is different from yours.
So hi, I'm Not Worthless.
Written by
Amber  18/Non-binary/Kentucky
     ---, Ryan Hoysan, warp, --- and Doug Potter
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