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Oct 2016

Night after night, I'm left to worry that something's wrong.
Not with you, but with me.
Night after night, I dream of someone else - many someones,
Never have I met them, and never will I,

But that's not the point.
I cheat on the man I love every night in my dreams,
Through the guilt and shame, every night, I'm happy
With those I've never met, and never will.

Something must be broken in me to be content to dream.
I cheated once, just a little kiss. And I could not handle the guilt and regret I carried with me. He cheated once too, not that long ago, and I'm not completely sure I've really forgiven him yet. Could my dreams be a product of this? Or am I just a horrible girlfriend? I wish I knew all the answers, to all the questions I ever asked, but I don't.
Danielle L Cook
Written by
Danielle L Cook  22/Canada
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