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Oct 2016
I change like the leaves on the trees.
Some dead and broken shattered
Dry and died gonna get stepped on and crushed fully back to dust.

How I'm feeling, not speaking.
Gut feelings and Silence is my shame

Can't shake these feelings, tis the season.

For my thoughts fill up the grave.
I thought I could forget my name. I just want some better days. I've been pushing that way, but I've fallen back again. I'm down against the grass and I climb up a few steps. Now I'm begging.

Friends come back to me.
It's the love I need.
The bond.
The friendship.

Smirking because I know better.
I know how to act and feel.
I let myself get in the way.

I fall and fall again. I see my broken pieces.
I see my lacks and slacks of existing.

Sharpen my edges and I'm back again.
Reminded of my power and my friends in loneliness.
Now I sit under the moon.
It's changed its side against the brick.
Too lukewarm inside my body. Too brisk against my skin. The feel of fall is old to me but how I've come to learn its beginnings
Amanda Jean
Written by
Amanda Jean  DYT
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