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Oct 2016
What the **** was that?
Did I go crazy for a second?
Did Joey B really take my soul or possess my heart?
Did he **** my mind or maybe did he take it apart?

I'll go with the later. He's an intellectual. He did what he could to steal it all. I don't know why I thought I could hold up against his manipulation. I'm strong-hearted, strong willed. I know now that it's not my love that could save his soul. At the same time it is, because my love is a part of all love. I should have known that if he could withstand it all, I stood no chance.
I know I care too much. I have no power to save. I can heal myself, maybe others too but I can't be their change. They have to choose for themselves. I've known that too. I guess to truly learn I had to face it head on.

But lessons learned, now I am living for me. I'm living for my destiny. What that is? Still learning. I know I am to serve. Serve me, myself, and others because that is what we deserve. Though now I know I must serve with protection. All love. Still open. My heart is saved for those like-minded. We must join together and that is how we save lives. I dabbled in **** and temptation for the last time. I will still make mistakes. Imperfection is our lives. Nothing ever again of such magnitude. Never again will I allow myself to be so tainted. Never again will I see others in such a situation. I know others I can't change but I will offer my lending hand.
Amanda Jean
Written by
Amanda Jean  DYT
   Doug Potter
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