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Oct 2016
Broken with no where to run in a maze but with every wrong turn you break down just a little bit more you see life is a game but this game has a twist it starts with a me at only 13 years old 1 cut 2 cuts 3 cuts 4 when will it be over I cry 5 cuts 6 cuts 7 8 cuts 9 cuts ten aw now they is satisfied with the blood slithering down her arm 1 month later 1 pill 2 pills 3 pills 4 5 pills 6 pills 7 8 pills 9 pills ten with dears streaming down her face she croaks please make it stop 11 pills 12 pills 13 pills 14 now she has her fill found by her parents rushed to the hospital now for the mental hospital stay her heart starts beating rapidly when she sees his face how beautiful she thought till the day she was worrying about him instead of her she finally broke it off then tried to end it again then one day she finds herself dancing with amazing people she loves not expecting what might happen four months later but this time she won't get saved... She is dancing across the room scars cover her body she hides her pain with her fake smiles she clings to anyone or anything that shows a remote amount of affection her anxiety controls her life she fights for as long as she can till her last night she decides to end it one pill for being a freak a second for all the lies she was told a third for staring at her plate but not touching it a fourth for her sexuality a fifth because of her father a sixth for all the boys that played with her heart a seventh because she thinks she's fat an eighth just because there is no going back a ninth for all her imperfections a tenth for all the abuse in her life an eleventh because she desperately wants to stop breathing a twelfth because that's when death started calling her name a thirteenth because she had no friends a fourteenth for being so ungrateful a 15 because that's the age she doesn't want to see they tried to save her but it was to late she made up her mind... See I told you this game has a twist.
Rebecca San Filippo
Written by
Rebecca San Filippo  16/F/Sun Prairie
(16/F/Sun Prairie)   
   Bianca Reyes and Doug Potter
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