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Oct 2016
True Poetic Lilly
So far, you have considered what makes
poetry come to life
You have examined the poetic minds of all time
Certain aspects of it's form,
You have tried so hard to be sensitive to the tone
of the sea of the atmosphere of my poems
as your mind roams to find true meaning of what
is going on in my poetic mind,
But darkness of true sadness came your way
even in the light of your days
This darkness of true sadness takes you deep
on a journey that had only belong to me,
You come to find what it is that holds me down
You will call it what you find of my true poetic mind
everything that I write of it's true actions
of characters of a life I once lived,
Setting in deep darkness of a language of it's kind
The tone of true point of view
The true atmosphere of fear what comes near
the true meaning of poetic Lilly's Life,
The preconception and knowledge I do write
only I have the key to my own poetry.

Poetic Lilly Judy Emery (c)
Poetess Lilly Judy Emery
The Queen Of Darken Dreams
   Keith Wilson and Doug Potter
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