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Oct 2016
it's a strange feeling to suddenly realize how insignificant you are

realizing you're just a tiny speck of dust floating throughout the universe with no actual relevance to anything of importance and that you could just disappear from existence and the earth would still rotate and the seasons would still change and we would still orbit the sun and nothing would change

it's realizing how little of importance you are that makes you wonder what you're still doing here and for what purpose

it's realizing how small you are to the vast and endless universe of everything that is infinite

how the universe has no start or end or middle and that the universe is just there, being, existing

realizing that the universe is existence and if one day the universe were to cease to exist it would also bring everything of existence down with it and everything that is something will be reduced to nothing, something that isn't of existence, something that isn't there, just nothing

nothing is a strangely misused word, we use the word nothing on a daily basis and throw it around as if it isn't of any importance, as if something in this world could simply cease to exist without a trace and be reduced to truly nothing

nothing can truly be nothing, when something is burnt it becomes a pile of ashes that will eventually get scattered into the wind but still exist as something

is it possible for something to be reduced to pure nothing? to chaos? to the void? to something that is not of existence, if the universe, existence itself, wills it?

the universe itself is a strange concept to wrap your mind around, to simply believe we're all only a tiny aspect of something so infinite and endless that merely exists and allows us to coexist with it

the universe is everything of existence and it's even stranger to believe that some of us really do think we're alone in this entire universe limited to only what we know is out there and what we think isn't

and sometimes i wonder how many lifetimes it would take for us as a human race to finally accept and realize that we aren't alone in this universe

to think that we, a planet of seven billion, were the only ones in the universe, existence itself

and sometimes i dream of the day we'd be traveling through the universe as easily as one would board a flight
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