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Oct 2016
A battle between two empty bodies
Soothing their hunger for anything at all.
One body damaged, looking for solace
In case it heals the cracks of worthlessness.
The other one broken, looking for nothing,
Just wandering the paths of apathetic experiences.
Damaged is our main character. Engaged in meaningless combat
With Broken. At least, that's its name in my story.
Tangled in comforting lies that constricted them
And allowed them to cling together at the waist.
Broken was ruthless and remorseless;
Taking every drop of satisfaction to quench its selfish thirst.
Damaged was numb and disconnected,
Taking every affirmation that Broken threw at it.
They fought with no agenda and with no enemy,
Just the motivation of need with a mutual agreement.
Perhaps the enemy itself was their reality,
And that's why they allowed the CD player to bleed.
Off-rhythm, erratic, chaotic but ******
And hypnotic music; implicit and *****.
It mimicked their meaningless battle for a while,
Until it silenced and left them to their duties.
Violent strokes of heat tore affection to pieces
And set fire to emotion as pleasure was reached.
Held onto tightly for a few seconds longer.
Then it faded and this battle was no more.
Broken sighed and rested its body, feeling spent,
Feeling already vacant of its satisfied state.
Damaged forced itself to the solitude of the bathroom
To cry tears that it hopes will glue together the cracks
That made it so lonely in the company of others
Who reflected the future of what it would become.
Written by
Corvus  27/Trans Male/Liverpool
(27/Trans Male/Liverpool)   
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