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Oct 2016
I'm so good at hurting myself
Chasing after things I know I can't have
It's no good for me, you're no good for me
I can't talk myself out of it when you keep looking at me the way you do
I'm turning away, no more hide and seek
I'd rather be firm than week at the knees from someone who doesn't deserve me

7 months, hopeful possibility
Scraping my head and heals every step of the way
Speeding to reach the destination
Only not to get your attention
But to be let down
It's comforting to know there's a better fit
But when you bring her around I can't help but clench my fists
Joyful endurance
Avoidance at all costs
Boundaries drawn

I'm enough
More than enough
You don't determine that
I have more to offer than you could accept
There's only so much space available when you're already toxic
Incomplete, growing indifferently
There's something about brokenness that is so limiting

Honesty over deceit
Spare my feelings
Confusion and second guessing is not the way it's supposed to be
This thing is supposed to be easy
Falling into place
Just trying to find that corner piece
It's just not fitting together
When the middle part is missing
Love without heart isn't love at all
Infatuation in the imagination
The harder the fall
Carissa Blessing
Written by
Carissa Blessing  610
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