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Feb 2012
The fog hung low in the morning sky
Above the thick of trees
Waking the shadows early that day
To walk among the green

Fast she ran to meet the bell
Of the school upon the hill
Books in hand and late for class
Was little Maggie Stills

Halfway through her lengthy journey
Poor Maggie’s breath ran out
She needed a quicker route to school
And saw the forest’s mouth

The forest beckoned for Maggie to come
With a whisper from the wind
A forest branch outstretched to Maggie
But her heart knew of the sin

The forest was built up of sharp warnings
Given to Maggie as a child
And she thought of her sweet mom and dad
As she stepped into the wild

When her foot took it’s place on the mossy path
The vines and brush entwined
There’s no going back for Maggie now
And she left the street behind

The fog holds of all the forest’s mystery
Within its forceful grasp
Loosening the grip when Maggie is near
And listening for the gasp

Chills run down scared Maggie’s spine
As something dark is clear
The shadows creep quite close behind
Waiting to appear

Walk deep into the forest, and
The shadows will have command
The vines and shoots will shift and slither
Like snakes within the sand

Next, the sneaky fims and moathes
Will rise up from the soil
Jagged teeth and eerie eyes
With wings just like the ‘goyles

Carefully, Maggie’s ears take in
The movement in the brush
Her heart begins to pound in response,
As her breath begins to hush

Quiet becomes the wandering movement
Ahead of Maggie’s sigh
After which her horror begins
Filling the forest with her cry

Maggie’s small wrists are gripped by the shoots,
And the vines tie down her legs
While the branches work to cover her screams
The most terrible of plagues

Several armies of fims and moathes
Emerge from within the fog
Dancing, laughing, teeth a gnashing
While snorting just like a hog

Pulling back the thick fog curtain
The shadows all appear
While all at once they began to hiss,
“Child, you have nothing to fear.”

Shutting her eyes from the horror around,
She says just one last prayer
When the sun arrives in the morning sky
The fog moves out of there

The shoots and vines, fims and moathes
And Shadows all alike
Run from puzzled Maggie Stills
Standing in the sunlight

When Maggie came to realize that
The battle had been won
She caught the ring of the distant school bell
And continued with her run
Peyton James
Written by
Peyton James  25/F/Canada
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