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Oct 2016
Dear sorrow, I plead for you to go away
You keep returning and I don't like your hello's
You keep consuming my body and I am tired
In this world I want to STAY

Dear sorrow, stop taking away my pride
You make me loose each opportunity for respect
You make me have "Pity" from others commonly
And I hate for that fact, I want to hide

Dear sorrow, stop making me go seek Mary Jane
With her I no longer see you for a few hours
With her I am taken by the hand and we dance joyfully for hours
Am I still sane?

Dear sorrow, it is your fault that I do not know what is right and wrong
I have made bad choices, too many so far
I have died internally so many times
I identify myself through every sad song
copyright under Delilah Wine Williams
Delilah Wine Williams
     --- and Tony Luna
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