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Oct 2016
"Pull the trigger ***** ", gun to my face.
Feeling bold for the movement, that's power to my race.
I'm  inspired to take on racist hijackers,
Smile in their face and scream hi crackers.
These words are my  ammunition.
My verses locked and loaded.
No more hiding behind my skin.
My mind is feeling bloated.
I just hope you pay attention,
no reason to pretend.
My passion burning bright, you can't jack my freedom.
I don't fear death cause I'm more afraid of life.
Listen up people , our backs against the wall.
Don't count on social media, cause they plan for us to fall.
In between police battles I might die cause I'm black.
But even on these streets my brothers ready to **** for crack.
Now my life supposed to matter cause our stories supported by the press.
When I look at the bigger picture I get so angry, rage out, and stress.
Paint a picture of violence, and try to remain silent.
Watching on sidelines, but I'm a man of valor.
My Excalibur sword is the pen up in the books.
****** for the ages, wack kid trying to act white, why cause I talk right?
Don't believe the hype, they waiting to ****** you,  cause you just their type.
Marvel's Luke Cage I suggest you watch it. This is not a war, it's a plan .
Charlie Wonder
Written by
Charlie Wonder  26/M/TN
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