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Oct 2016
Driving down the road and we cross paths
Two roads diverged by the confines of a yellow line and we both took the same one.
Natural curiosity casually has me glance over and I make eye contact with a stranger
Maybe we are family members that haven't met yet
Will our story be "remember when I saw you on the highway?"
Will you remember my face?
I instinctually look back
You did too
But you glanced at me as if I told you one day I'm going to the moonΒ Β 
Why do we look away?
Are we aliens in our own galaxy?
Don't alienate me
We are of the same skin
We are of the same bones
We are of the same blood
In this Earth we call home

Falling in love is so hard
Especially, when you won't even look into my eyes
We maintain a heightened sense of fear this way
Maybe we are supposed to be afraid
When I fall in love
It will be fearlessΒ Β 
You will pass me on the highway
We will both make eye contact
And not one of us will glance away
It will be a war waged on who looks back first
Our corneas burning
Bloodshot circles from staying up all night discovering the different hues
Eighty years in a single second
It will be a universe inside of our pupils
I swear I will be able to see the stars
Taking a million leaps forward
Never glancing back.
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