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Feb 2012
GERONIMO wherefore
are thou now?
what scaffold have you fallen
                                                       from & stared
w/milk-pale eyes
                                 at Reverend Cacey
(who stands murmuring   ,  
pound golden crucifix in out
stretched hands ? )

(the world is very scared

(why else would
                               ol' blood   hound
Joe Horn
                  be  put  on  yr  trail  ? )
                                                               raise thy sharps rifle 'bove yr head & eat out
                                                                                                                    th'sun !!

                 (i declare you are a mountain poet.)
gonna add this (after small revisions) to a larger work in progress but i wanted to toss it up for now regardless.
A L Davies
Written by
A L Davies  M/halifax
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