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Feb 2012
Do you feel that pain Dr. X?
That desolate, dreary feeling that slowly engulfs at your deteriorating gray matter.
Causing you to plummet down the spiral staircase of eternal confusion.
Do you miss your happiness Dr. X?
The light at the end of the tunnel that you held so dear, dims as the minutes tick by.
You took my away my bundle of hopeΒ and now she took away your bundle of joy.
Do you hear those sounds Dr. X?
The echoes of my laughter ringing through your ears as your serene world slips from your fingers.
The frigid, emotionless knocks in the middle of the night as the reaper collects his missing dues.
Did you see that Dr. X?
The smile that etches across my lips as your essence of life crumbles.
The gentle hands of the galatic karma steadily grasping your throat as your last breath becomes imminent.
Written by
     Kingafroninjaa, Tuesday Pixie and Tara M
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