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Sep 2016
Try and hold to the mighty road
When all others lose their way.  
You'll soon find yourself alone,
At the end of the day.  
You pace yourself, like no one else.
'Cause u know in the end,
You're the only one you'll see
Around the next bend.  
Don't kid yourself, you know your not
The only one for the long haul.
Your just the only one who doesnt
Know you've lost it all.  
So dont burden yourself
With memories, of long ago.
We both know you'll never again
See rain or shine or snow.  
Dont stop to think or contemplate,
Who or where u are.
'Cause you dont have a reason
For coming along this far.  
Or at least thats something,
You'll never know.
Till at last u finish,
Going as far as you can go.  
So win the race. Striving,
At last to finish your quest.
You've already lost everything,
Dont lose what you have left.
Wrote this four years ago, the third time I dropped out of college
Charles McCue
Written by
Charles McCue  26/M/Columbus, MI
(26/M/Columbus, MI)   
   Ahmad Cox, Gary L, --- and ---
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