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Sep 2016
You drove my truck into the ditch
But I didn't pitch a fit
I told you to kick it in 4 wheel
And give it hell
We rode it out and laughed it off
Then we popped another top
Man I wish those days had never stopped

Nothin gold can stay
But we can only pray
Those golden gates are waiting there for you
What the hell am I supposed to do
When the world stops on a dime
And I've lost my partner in crime

You drove all the way to Atlanta
But I didn't take that ride
Cause I knew you'd drag me in your truck
And take me home
I hung up and blew you off
Now I know that you were right
I had lost my sight
Brother won't you take me home tonight

You cleaned up good after the storm
Around the time your son was born
I was so proud to see you walk that line
Yeah I know you're doing just fine
You always knew how to have a good time
What the hell am I supposed to do without my partner in crime

The last time you saw me
I was passed out in the yard
Somewhere outside my car
You threw me over your shoulder
Said its not too far
But don't you dare throw up on me
You set me down and said goodbye
You said I've got you anytime
My partner in crime
Written by
Ethan Deal
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