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Sep 2016
Sit with me awhile,
Watch the stars fade out
One rotten tooth after another
Because the sky just can't
Afford any more dental care.

The sky is falling!
The boy who cried wolf would scream,
But no one listens because he's stumbled.
He's stumbled into the wrong story,
And we want our raining reign of sparks.

Smile defiant with me awhile,
Watch as hungry progress
Eats each star from the smog,
Plucking them one by one,
Tasting heady, smoky flavor.

There was a fish that granted wishes,
A golden flounder, floundering on lies,
A golden flounder, a monkey's paw,
A magic lanterned murderous Djiin.
But wishes are best served silent.

Eat the rot with me awhile,
Watch me go blind staring into
What remains of a sixty-watt bulb,
Pretend with me awhile that this
Can be memory enough for us.

Because all that's left is the faint,
Hollow, hallowed, heavenly glow
Of Haloed street lamps and
Bargain Barn wishes and
Nothing, nothing, nothing more.

Sit with me awhile,
And please, don't go away,
Let me tightly grasp your hand
While the world fades to black.

I'm tired of dying alone.
The Nameless
Written by
The Nameless  22/Other/I don't know where I am
(22/Other/I don't know where I am)   
     JN Cole
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