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Sep 2016
We made plans
We built a dream
Sitting under stars
In hopes to redeem

The promise your eyes held
was all that it took
to allay my qualms
to give into the dreams I once forsook

On the supposed day of our lives
I walk down the aisle
Dressed in black, wondering
how fate could be so vile

I put my veil down
to hide my tears
I just wish you'd wake up
and cease all my fears

I stand unmoved
as darkness begins to cloud my vision
With every gunshot
I feel myself falling into oblivion

But as they lay u in the ground
I breakdown with a strangled cry
How can I part with you
when I'm not ready for a goodbye

Here on after
I walk on thorn bed
Hoping against hope
that it's all in my head

Yeah chuckles bitterly .. an illusion of hope
is all it is
For I go about life aimlessly
waiting for this endless pain to ease..
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