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Feb 2012
You are a dove in my hand
And I will let you fly out
If you promise to come back
You are a kite in my hand
I will lend you rope
To rise higher only if you vow
To whisper prayers to the wind
And let a feather flutter to me
And tug the string for assurance

You are the reason girl
For those sleepless nights
So where ever you are promise
To take care for my sake
And know you are the seasons
The summer and winter in my life

These hands will fight for you
Give life to your dreams
You build in soft panting sighs
This mouth will keep moist
The memories of our most ****** kisses
And will stand for you on Judgment Day

As long as you love me
Nothing can really separate us
I will hear your sighs miles away
As long as you want me
We can be together in dreams
Just close your eyes tight and I come
I know you are a dove in my hand
And I will let you fly if you promise
To whisper prayers to the wind.

douglas chesa
Written by
douglas chesa  harare
   Ayaba Babe, Done and ---
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