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Sep 2016

Taking routes I’ve long since traveled
Following a desperate moon
Seeking words of comfort written
Hoping they will find you soon

I have wallowed in this darkness
Fought my way through silent days
Felt the thorns of bygone wishes
Pointed in their sad displays

Crossed the plains of lost forgiveness
Looked away when time has died
Stood and faced the longest hours
Wiped away these tears I’ve cried

Just to lift you from these caverns
Memories that haunt your soul
Carving an unsorted feeling
Lifeless as the thoughts control

Lean on me for I shall steady
Every fall your heart may face
Never once to slightly waiver
Like a rock held firm in place

Take my hand it longs to lead you
Far from any distant fear
Showing but a glistened landscape
Skies above forever clear

Where a moonbeam lights your smile
Lasting as the day is long
To fill your heart with healing rhythms
Together as we sing this song

Sitting on a hillside meadow
Counting stars and rainbow hues
Here within my arms to hold you
Wrapped up in these wondrous views

Safely I shall shield your worries
Visions shown to understand
Never more in lonely whispers
On this journey I have manned

Taking routes I’ve long since traveled
Following the glow above
Penning words of comfort written
So that you might feel my love
Written by
Stephan  Camp Johnson Crossing NW
(Camp Johnson Crossing NW)   
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