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Feb 2012

November 1582

William Shagspere,18
of Stratford
Anne Hathwey,26
Of Shottery

and six months later
the timer bell
at the oven rings
and out pops a fine young baby -
lovely Susanna

OK, time for village gossips
to exercise their tongues


William Shackspeare dies 23 April 1616
and as a reasonable father and gent.,
makes his will and his wishes known
bequeaths items and money
and property to those he has known
(as he pleases)
and to Anne Hathaway,
says William Shackspeare in his will:
"I gyve unto my wife
my second best bed with the furniture…"


Anne Hathwey dies 1623, aged 67

O bodes it well, Will
to marry one older?

Many pleasures there be in such a match;
many are the plays born thereof…
1.The varied spellings of Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway in this poem are as were spelled in various documents in Shakespeare's time.
2. There is no judgement in this poem of anyone or any action.
for details of events in this poem please google: Anne Hathaway and refer to a wikipedia article on the subject of Shakespeare's wife
Raj Arumugam
Written by
Raj Arumugam  Australia
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