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Sep 2016
Vibrations felt through the floor
lightning flashes, here come some more
the peal of thunder in the air
static electricity everywhere

The rain pours down off the roof
like religious pilgrims search for truth
seeking to be soaked in
like a bottle to it's jinn

Puddles gather and muddy up
no crystal waters for my cup
easy answers rarely come
you cannot see through the ****

As the puddle soaks on in
you can see where it's been
like hindsight often does
lets you know the way that it was

Does not help the here and now
but you can learn before its plowed
plant your seeds that you may know
and later reap, what you have sown
The Fire Burns
Written by
The Fire Burns  M/Artesia, NM
(M/Artesia, NM)   
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