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Sep 2016
In oppressive summer heat
Too hot to hold fingers
I followed you through destruction

The Bomb Dome, the memorial,
Our silent brokenness
Mirroring the devastation

Naked, defenseless, burning
Lips parched for the soft touch
Of love or lies, I begged for comfort

Again the rainfall answered
Its promise of respite
streaking decay through innocence

I drank deeply, desperately
To ease the emptiness
Of unspoken, abandoned dreams

Then rotting from within,
my mouth, my eyes, my fingertips
Betrayed all I had held inside

Let them reinforce my bones
Brace with resin and steel
Despairing arms outstretched for you

So that I too can be a symbol
Of peace that never comes.
Overwrought? It needs edits.

The Bomb Dome in the Hiroshima Peace Park is reinforced with steel and resin to maintain its structure. Some drank the "black rain" after the bombing because they were desperately thirsty, but the toxins made them sick for weeks if it didn't **** them.

"This β€œblack rain” reached ground level as sticky, dark, dangerously radioactive water. It not only stained skin, clothing, and buildings, but also was ingested by breathing and by consumption of contaminated food or water, causing radiation poisoning."
Written by
LostinJapan  Tokyo
   Little Bear and Rhet Toombs
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