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Sep 2016
So afraid to be alone to scared to leap the new unknown
Scared to stand to stand alone
Its always here when I'm alone
I'm so afraid I cannot tell
I'm living in this secret hell
I try to turn to fight the fear
But I'm afraid they're always near
I need a hand but Im alone
so cold in here so far from home
I wish for you to pull me out
make it go just get them out
Then I can walk in sun and rain
Never hide from shadows again
I cannot do it on my own
I tried so hard but I'm losing time
I'm so afraid I cannot swim
Its just no use he won't give in
He just wont leave he will not go
I'm not  allowed  to be free let go
I tried so hard this time I know
But it just gets stronger its twists
It claws at every inch of me
Until i stop reaching for me
I wish you could just set me free
Just take away the pain
Just take away the pain
Just cover me with sin or rain
So they no longer see me
So i can run away get away hide away
So they cant hurt me again
xxx Fallen Angel xxx
Written by
xxx Fallen Angel xxx  Uk
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