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Sep 2016
The day it all happened
I remember it so well
And this is a story, I almost can't bear to tell
The sun shone through my windows
The birds filled the sky with song
It was the kind of day
Where nothing could go wrong
I kissed all of my babies
I headed out the door
Told my husband I love him
He said I love you more
I was driving down the highway
When I saw a flashing light
I looked up and saw billows of smoke, darker than the night
I froze and glanced around in panic
Then I heard the screams
A thousand daggers in my chest, praying they were bad dreams
But these were no dreams
This was a nightmare
Crimson flames danced everywhere
Then I caught it
In my eye
More planes were plummeting by
The rest was such a blur
All the months after were too obscure
But no one has ever been the same way
As moments before that fateful day...
September 11,2001
Written by
LovelyBones  17
   Doug Potter
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