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Sep 2016
You say it's a vision of the past
That I keep seeing
I say it's my biggest character flaw.

I trust in patterns and statistics
More than I trust in people.

I am emotional
But logical
And it makes sense
To watch me fail
But failure is not the option
I'm choosing.

You are the light
I've found
Within my darkness
That I trudge through.

You are the sunshine
That I chase,
The rainbow
I trace
On my window.

I've run after you,
Waited for you,
Sometimes consciously
My entire life.

You are the person,
The being
The thing
I have yearned and longed for.

All my life
I have been let down
Put down
And finally
You are who I've been searching for.

I always thought it was some type
Of fantasy
Child's dream,
Ending up with the boy
I loved for the very first time,
And now finally,
Finally I realize

You do not follow your dreams.
No, dreams are meant to be chased down and ran after.

And now
Instead of chasing you down,
I can walk side by side with you
For the rest of time.
I hope you're enjoying the sportball game, Bluebird. <3

My fever is getting worse.
storm siren
Written by
storm siren  24/Neither/Hell or High Water
(24/Neither/Hell or High Water)   
   ---, Breeze-Mist, NV and SPT
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