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Sep 2016
raise the ice around your heart or I won't want it anymore
drive a wedge between our arms until I'm clawing at the door
I'm not in pain, I don't need your bandaids, I don't
feel anything without a knife
dragging down the center
want me in an awful way, go on until I'm not ashamed
but my shoulders are shaking
wring out my heart, don't question what is pouring from it
collect a cup of poison with my name already on it
let it spill, cascades of glass making light dance like it's Christmas
for the love of god don't let your love soften your spine
don't look at me with those eyes
like you're about to lock the doors
please stop explaining what these rules are for, why this isn't right
you're a subway train and I'm rolling the dice
I'm out of my mind, love, I'm out of my mind
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