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Sep 2016
Lift up your shirt
And show me where it hurts
Is it near the middle of your chest
Beneath your skin and flesh
Is it that beating thing inside
That thing that is keeping you alive
Although it feels dead inside
Lift up your skirt
Tell me something new
Reveal a new universe
Do you belive in pleasure
Bloomed from sin
Or is there only pain tangled in the roots
Of the flower that you hide
What do you carry thats beautiful inside
The colors in your eyes
Says your silence tells no lies
But whats the deeper truth
Of the soul lost in the reflection
Of the darkness in thier black
If I share my scars and wounds
The ghosts haunting my living pulse
The dead love buried deep
In the lost sea of beating ocean red
The thing that was once my heart
Nailed to the misery
Of something that was once a dream
What could you do or say
If I show you where it hurts
We both know its just a lie
To say
I'll take your pain away
But I'll still belive you anyway
Its what we are suppose to do
As we grind bones and time to dust
Is it any different
If we just pretend to love
Will it hurt any less
When its just empty motion
And hollow words
The echo of a long ago truth
Spoken years ago
Back when the thing
Keeping us from death
Still made us feel alive
Akira Chinen
Written by
Akira Chinen  122/M/texas
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