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Feb 2012
Scratch... Scratch... Scratch...
the pain is an endless cycle
and I swear that I've gone ******.
I thought that I knew things but I don't.
I thought I would change but I won't.
I'm like a giant rock, stuck forever.
I can't put a stop the only thing
that's never made sense
but seemed to make it all end.

Block out the pain with pain.
Shadow my feelings with games.
Erase these names with blades.
I am a damsel in distress
but there is no prince for this,
nor a princess in a wedding dress.
I've simply made a mess of it all
and now I've really begun to fall,
to spiral out of control.

This answer seems so clear, so right
when the tears are clouding my eyes.
My disease is creeping out again
and this time I might be dead
but, then again, I already am
if you leave me so cold and blue.
I pulled my heart out for you.
Now, I rip my veins apart for me.
It seems to be that the only way that I can breathe
is not to breathe at all.

So I won't breathe at all.
Written by
D-Quinn  27/Trans Male/Ohio, USA
(27/Trans Male/Ohio, USA)   
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