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Sep 2016
I was always told
the brightest burn the quickest,
that only the good die young.
As if this is okay.
As if this is the new normal.
If they were good
they wouldn't be lying 72 inches
below our feet.
They would be here --
beside us in class,
on the field,
in that band.
If they were good
death would have never
been an option.

But hear me now.
They were not good.
They were

To no fault of their own.
Victim to a disease that creeps
into every corner of a brain,
that trembles into every nerve,
and trickles down into every limb
until they are
      -- the deprivation of sensation or feeling
of hope,
of living,
of love,
of purpose.

They felt nothing of worth
and when you strip
someone of their identity
you leave nothing
to hang on to
except nooses tied
around quivering necks
and last words never heard.
Sept 10th
Written by
arizona  28/F
       Jasmine, Jermon, saige, NuBlaccSoul, L B and 8 others
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