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Sep 2016
She reads in a rocking chair
Massaging corporate feet she's had in heels all day
Rumi poems and the latest Coehlo
Savouring one glass of white
Silence she craves
It's fall and she can see the leaves curl on her cherry tree
It's also football season
He's in the other room
Preps playing the East
It's game night every night
Beers flame his cheers and wings stain the couch
This is where he will sleep

The nights she's in the den
And he the man cave

She dreams of Florence
He books ***** cruises to stadiums

Yoga retreats four times a year she gets
Four golf guy weekends for him

He hoots at cheerleaders louder each year
She craves interesting conversation

At parties the ladies are off to the side
As men throw on a game

Even though they work together
Miles apart in the same place every day

And each year another mile is added

You can be completely alone right next to someone

One can feel her longing for all by just looking in her eyes

Married but completely separated by rooms
Middle aged observations of some contemporaries
Written by
KiraLili  Ukraine
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