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Feb 2012
**** me now
And bury me in the bottom,
Of an erupting volcano.
The eruption would spread my ashes everywhere
Great for me, I don’t deserve proper burial.

How much worse can things get
Before they improve?

I’ve been awful
I’ve been stupid
and frankly,
I’ve just been an ******* to you.
How much worse can things get
Before they improve?

I don’t deserve proper burial
Since I can’t prove myself to you
What is there left?
I’ve been nothing but awful
I’ve been nothing but stupid
and I’ve been nothing but an *******
To my love… MY LOVE for god sakes


All I want is you
But all I deserve is scorn,
And my ashes spread across the land
I don’t deserve a proper burial…

**January 16, 2012
The 10th of 12 poems about my relationship frustrations. This one is by far my most angry and just portrays my complete and utter frustration with my own self over my past actions.
Ben DuBois
Written by
Ben DuBois
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