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Sep 2016
People change. Pain changes people.

Trusting less, no more that of a bee not to sting once you let him sit upon your skin. A sting of a thousand stings your words can hurt. Just as much as no words spoken can overthink. What if they loved me like they used to? Would my heart feel full again? So full of a mothers’ belly of a grown child. Love me again like so. So I don’t feel hurt by those words you speak and overthink by the words you don’t.

Overthink by the words I can’t say. Alone in my head like a madman in a padded room wrapped in rough threads; no room to flail. Only to hold myself; hug myself; love myself more. To keep my words for they are sacred as my heart.

Shut Out. There will be no need for others in this space, for I am the keeper of my room. Don’t let anyone bother with the things in this room, no one understands these things, they will only use them. Feelings, heart and beautiful mind. Keep my door locked please, My heart is so tired; tired of fighting.
Written by
MarcellinaGrace  F/Ohio
     NuBlaccSoul, NV, ZT, ---, Eliza Fairchild and 5 others
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