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Sep 2016
cheek-gnawing, knuckle cracking, fear inducing fear.
school, work, life, death;
don't sit too long, you'll start thinking.
work, always work,
work until you can't work anymore.
work until the fingers can't feel and your thoughts quiet down.
always keep busy
keep tapping your foot, bouncing your leg;
twist the ring once more.
nail marks in your palm,
heartbeat in your ears.
don't look them in the eyes.

the moment when your mood isn't just one feeling,
but every single emotion flowing through your veins at once.

the moment when you wonder if the world around you
can hear your rapid pulse
or smell your insecurity.
like a wolf stalking its prey,
to use its words, its fangs
tearing into your skin,
your disastrous mind.

the moment when you forget how to breathe
when breathing is what you need to do most.
Rough draft. Not finished I don't think. Meant to be spoken-word.
Tee Jay
Written by
Tee Jay
   Lior Gavra
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