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Feb 2012
Oh, it's been so long since I've been able to prize my precious freedom,
      stripped from me by the beasts who feast on my hopeless society.
The thick darkness that surrounds me
has wrapped my wanting soul and emotionless heart in
     the heaviest chains
pulled so tight to block any light to enlighten me.
In a cell, a cell so small and barren of all human sound but
     my own....
The icy walls numb my touch.
I have prayed for the light of day,
but only recieved the deep darkness of night,
entombed with the dull voices that repeat in my head
of those who have gone before me in this hellish cell.
I hear the slight tapping of roaches' feet
as they scurry across the hard concrete floor to eat,
the small crumbs of my last meal.
I pace....without grace,
to the other side of my small hell,
hearing the cracking of each shell beneath my  callous feet
I cannot help to think,
how these small creatures long to wreak their vengeance
       on me.
No longer do I resent their presence,
I appreciate any form of life no matter how revolting it
     may be,
to help me to sustain my fading sanity.
I dreamed of the moon today.
I dreamed I stared into its silver face
for hours.....
only to be consummed as if through a straw in my entirety.
I was finally free,
Oh! What a beautiful dream.
Then I dreamed of God.....
I dreamed I heard his voice
and his soft sobbing for me.
I saw his loving angel standing beside me.
He illuminated my darkness with the warmest yellow
as vicious, cursing demons outside these coldest walls,
screamed in a spine-tingling chorous of undying pain,
electrifying my brain with total fear.
Their heavy chains were loosened from my dying spirit
and I was touched with sustaining faith
of the immeasurable beauty of God's endless love for me.
Oh, God, let your warm teardrops fall upon me like the
     pouring rain,
that I've longed to feel so long
and set my heart ablaze
with praise
for your infinite mercy
and love......
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
Written by
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
     st64 and AW
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