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Aug 2016
let's just say i didn't like the voyeuristic aspect,
of being bang in the middle
of people's living rooms -
people's lives however glamorous or
atypical - best comparison is that
internet traffic is like a street -
passersby everywhere - but being an estate
agent bothered me - new mantle places emerged,
like in the days when one lucky person
on the street owned a television, and people
came round to watch the football match,
or when some pivotal speech was made...
but it just got to me... i started to think:
shouldn't privacy be more and more understood,
in a new (Kant was accused, imagine,
he was accused of being a spy) way we approach
intelligence? other people's lives are just
passable... including my own - plus the website in
mention got too much bad press,
in most cases the night of long knives was
done at random, at other times? proximity,
one person on the list i can walk to a pub with,
he walks his miles from one side, i walk the miles
from my side... we head bang in the middle
to the Eva Hart in Chadwell Heath...
he says Desboys, i says De-boi - parle(z)-vou(s)...
parle(z)-vou(s) Anglai(s)?
                                                linguistics uses the
complex symbols... i use the plain and simple ear
and optometry trick: enclosed in bracket
letters  ( ) aren't optional, they're dropped...
also called the Merovingian ß-shearing:
but nonetheless written for aesthetic reasons...
and for aesthetic reasons dropped from pronunciation.
so i said... let's choose 24 randoms and keep
them poetry junkies... at least they're not
showing me their living rooms and their mantle
pieces of family life in extremes that i know of...
plus they're the only ones that might appreciate
Gregory Corso's poem Marriage... or i just don't
know anything at all... but what the hell
is going on in that poem? constellations?
he's going to show a girl constellations?
there are only about 3 in the night sky i see...
the scorpion constellation, the big wheelbarrow
and the small wheelbarrow, and something resembling
a rhombus - so that's a maximum of four:
the theory is the universe is expanding...
i don't even want a Hubble telescope to agree with
that... better than colonising mars, i'd expand
by building a permanent telescope on the moon
like the idea behind the international space station...
the moment when science fiction overtook
actual science... people just keep imagining things...
i actually think the French are worse than
the English, even though the diacritical marks
are applied, at least the letters aren't dropped...
well, we have the town of Re(a)ding,
we have reeds and reading, re(a)d and red -
past participles applaud.
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  34/M/Essex (England)
(34/M/Essex (England))   
   --- and Doug Potter
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