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Sep 2016
Writing a poem on a park bench
That I would come to find
A great many people would like
Writing about romantic failure
Lack of fire and too much space
As if you could measure such a thing
Anthony, an Italian Poet that I kiss sometimes
Has a typewriter and glues his words to logs
My IPhone is not as nostalgic or dreamy
But the weight of my words are the same
Although his poetry blows me away

Suddenly, ignoring a pair of eyes
Latched to my body
Assuming it is a homeless man
But then I realize it's Gabriel
My new date taking me to
Capoeira class
In the car he sticks his tongue out
Protruding me into a memory of
An old lover -
He does Capoeira but he never taught me
The dance or the fight
We stumbled away from each other
you seem graceful but too familiar
Egeria Litha
Written by
Egeria Litha  24/Two-Spirit/Scarlet Town
(24/Two-Spirit/Scarlet Town)   
     Ceida Uilyc, --- and ---
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