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Aug 2016

We briefly touched hands today.
For the very last time as lovers.
Familiar and full of old feelings.
My finger tracing your lifeline.
Swirling here and there
like our time did together,

It reaches a fork in the lifeline
like we have.
You take one path
I the other.

Even as we part
I feel old warm
glows from before.
When need want and passion
burned brightly.

Your hand speaks to my fingertips
All the words we no longer can say.
left now only with empty silence.

I look at our time
a small part of your long lifeline.
It was so full
of promises and passion.
Now just distant echoes
from the past.

Unable to return to the beginning
I am left alone once more
With only my memories of you.
And all our yesterdays.
Written by
Jude kyrie  Canada
   bex and Doug Potter
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