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Aug 2016
If I call you will you still answer?
I found myself wanting to cry numerous times today and I don't know who to send my prayers to.
Baby you're a prayer too.
You're a beautiful soul
Do you know what you're getting into do you know who I am? What we can do?
If you're down im down hold my hand and we will walk right through
All the judgement and despair are you ready cause I don't care.
I can't fake shake or try to get you to relate to the feelings I got for you
I'm really all about you.

I'm not sure who you been with before and what hurt has been put on your heart or more
I'm not trying to replace a home you once had but I promise I'll be the best one that you've had.
Believe every word I say for I'll never lie to you.
When I tell you I'm yours, I'm yours. I'll never lie to you.
I'll abide in you.
Let me get inside of you.
Your mental not your jeans your heart is what I mean our love will be serene and clean more like a dream it seems , I'll never leave please believe

Im falling for you. Stumbling over your words like curbs. I haven't put my hands out in front of me yet.
If I fall will you catch me? Gentle landing no plea
Agree to clean the debris don't leave or thieve
We've achieved in disbelief all that we can be in our beautiful ****** up reality

If I told you I loved you how would you react. Every time I think of it I get anxiety attacked. My hearts so compact I forget what it lacks when it's cracked and when I look at you it retracts and counteracts and leaves me in disbelief that one day you might love me. That today I might love you. I know this seems out of the blue but I'd rather be true and honest like I promised.
I'll keep my promise. All of them. Honest.
Kaylee L
Written by
Kaylee L
   Rhet Toombs
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