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Aug 2016
All a man has,
beyond material things,
and ideas invented,
is his word,
a declaration of his reputation,
not pride,
nor hubris,
and i’ll confide,
that i’ve done the worst,
went back,
on promised words,
to do a deed so treacherous,
like a sinner so lecherous,
I promised the world,
but gave her naught in return,
and now i wish,
if my word was more than rotten fish,
because I’ve repented,
all I’ve done to her,
I’ve resented,
but if she leaves,
i’ll be demented,
lost and tormented,
but now i promise,
it it means anything at all,
that i’ll do my best,
to treat you fairly,
to love you dearly,
drink less,
and wake up early,
i know i’ve promised to change,
and in exchange you accepted,
you loved, and I neglected,
you reached out to me,
most violent of storms,
and I respect it,
but please,
and i do this with unease,
will you believe in me again,
like so many years before this day,
and you remember,
a fateful day in September,
when we were young,
and we talked way past your bedtime,
a stolen kiss after midnight,
two separate hands joining into one,
one young boy,
and a girl that deserved better,
have lasted half a decade,
here’s to five more,
and greater expectations,
here’s to you firstly,
and to us secondly,
because presently,
you’re the glue in this relation,
the rule in the equation,
without you,
I am clay unmolded,
a boy with no ambition,
a man lost on expedition,
love me for my word,
love me for my sin,
love me for my laughter,
and my spontaneity
because i am mortal and make mistakes,
because I cook like Bobby Flay,
drink like Hemingway,
smoke like a chimney,
and curse like a sailor,
because I read past midnight,
and play video games way too much,
because you showed me what loves is,
when no one else would look at me,
now look at me,
love me because no one else does,
and no one else will love you like I do.
Alejandro Medellin
Written by
Alejandro Medellin
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