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Aug 2016
Gods of Olympus
I call to you once again
Remember the little cherub?
She is dead, isn't she?
Hades, you saw her in the pit of hell
Burning, dying every single day
Just like her humanity
Slowly fading
Her love turns to anger turns to hate
Cruel Eros, he planned her death with Aphrodite
Together, they succeeded
A battle between the mind and heart.
Once again, they prove Athena and her kids can be conquered.
The Gods watch her die but still kept her body alive.
Why are you all staring at me?
I'm not her. I'm not questioning you from your actions.
I feel less emotion.
I'm an empty vessel.
A reincarnation of an angel who lost her way.
Gods guide me, for I am a new born
In the body of this dead angel, I'll inhabit.
Her body. My soul.
I would like to revise this but I'll do it later.  I need sleep.

If you were able to read SM cherub's God of Olympics, this is the second part of it. I feel sorry I deleted that account.
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